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Retired Navy Author Bob Stockton
Bob Stockton, 2015

Listening To Ghosts by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy, ghost Stories
Listening to Ghosts
by Bob Stockton, C.P.O., U.S. Navy

ISBN: 978-1-4500-7653-1

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Colorful memoir from twenty-year navy veteran recounts the author’s experiences growing up in a northeastern working class neighborhood and his adventures in the U.S. Navy of the mid-twentieth century

“Pop was bursting his buttons about his oldest son being in the navy, and nothing would do except for me to don my dress blues while the old man paraded me around all of his haunts to show me off to his fellow bus drivers and his bar buddies. I wasn’t too unhappy with this dog and pony show. I had always wanted to please the old man. Mom was gratified that I had actually finished something that I had begun. I played it to the hilt, telling everyone that the navy was the home I’d been looking for and that I was certainly destined to make a twenty-year career of it…My vision of the future as a career navy man was to change many times during that span of time.”
~ Excerpt from Listening to Ghosts

Listening to Ghosts, Bob Stockton’s memoir about growing up in a workingclass neighborhood in Trenton, New Jersey, and how he escaped to the U.S. Navy, details the lively ups and downs of a career navy man as he comes of age and learns invaluable life lessons both personally and professionally.

One of the few navy men who has served in the subsurface navy (in diesel electric submarines), Bob also served in the surface (destroyer) navy, in Vietnam in a patrol gunboat, and in the aviation navy on carriers and in reconnaissance attack squadrons.

The book is divided into two sections, “Trenton” and “Haze Gray and Salt Spray.” Each section boasts short, highly readable, highly entertaining chapters that vividly span the early 1940s through 1977, when Bob gladly retires from the navy.

He comments, “Listening to Ghosts takes readers back to a time before the navy became a vehicle for social engineering. It chronicles my adventures – and misadventures – in frank, candid, and politically incorrect language.

” Listening to Ghosts has received two five-star reviews. Notes the Midwest Book Review, “Life in the navy is more than being on a boat for a few months.Listening to Ghosts is an excellent pick for memoir collections.”
Author: Bob Stockton was born in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1940. Leaving school in his junior year, he began his Navy career in 1957. Following Navy retirement in 1977, he earned undergraduate and graduate degrees and worked as a shipyard welder’s helper, adjunct graduate instructor, epidemiologist, pharmaceutical trainer, and radio host. An avid motorcyclist, he currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida, in close proximity to his three children, three grandchildren, and a large American bulldog named Bowser.


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Counting Coup

"I just finished reading Bob Stockton’s latest book, Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire. I’ve read everything Bob has published, and this is his best work yet!
If you ever served in the military, particularly the navy during the Vietnam era, this is a must-read. I spent my Navy career on Atlantic-based ships, and never made a Western Pacific (WestPac) cruise. By the luck of the draw, I never got to serve in the Vietnam war. After my seven Mediterranean cruises, many northern Atlantic operations, and an uncountable number of Caribbean cruises, I always felt that I was missing something when I heard my shipmates discuss their trips to WestPac. Reading Chief Stockton’s Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire, I felt like I was back in the destroyer navy, and finally doing a WestPac cruise. Bob actually made me feel like I was there.
I give Stories from the U.S. Navy: II. Friendly Fire my highest recommendation!
-Allen F.